4 Great Frames
for Father's Day

The Perfect Gift Ideas for Dad

Every day at Keepsake, we frame thousands of frames. Many of them feature proud fathers, both old and young. From new fathers to grandfathers, framed photos are always a great way to memorialize the things they love the most: their kids, true loves, and best buddies. If you need some inspiration, here are some frames that we recommend for your favorite dad shots...


1. Perth, 6x8, $25

Dad’s love a sure thing, and you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous wood frame. The 6x8 size is perfect for his desk, the kitchen wall, or over a crackling fireplace.


2. Nomad, 11.5x13.5, $49

Nothing says elegant quite like the Nomad frame. A black boundary with a hint of gold takes any photo from your camera roll and turns it into the classiest item the room.


3. Kiwi, 19x23, $79

A fun frame for the bright moments in life. Kiwi has a well-balanced ratio of frame to mat and comes in vibrant primary colors. It’s aesthetically pleasing to dads with a discriminating eye. Yellow or blue, you can’t go wrong with either choice!

Arcade Frame

4. Arcade, 15x15, $59

Maybe you already gifted a Keepsake frame to a dad in your life? Luckily, there’s no such thing as too many. And since we just launched our brand new collection of metal frames, he can’t possibly have “Arcade” yet. Arcade is a timeless frame and perfect to display dramatic scenes, artistic shots, or beautiful high definition portraits.

No matter what kind of photo, Keepsake has the right frame to make it stand out! Start framing now online or in the Keepsake Frames app. Create a beautiful framed photo in minutes. Every frame is handmade in the USA!

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