Metal Frames

Introducing Our Newest Collection

Aluminum Metal Frames

When we thought about the best way to update our high-quality collection, we wanted something bold and unique. We decided on a new material - Aluminum. Our new collection of metal frames are built from 100% archival aluminum, which makes them solid, but lightweight enough for easy hanging.

Earth Friendly Production

Our production is Earth-friendly. 100% of the aluminum waste material created during production is recycled.


Our aluminum frames will NOT warp, shrink, or twist. The larger frames are more secure than other materials and better protect your prints against humid conditions.

Check out our new metal frames.

Metal frames work with all kinds of images...

Silver metal can accentuate the glimmer of a bright snapshot. Think snowy mountain peak or glassy, white sand. So bright, you need sunglasses. We suggest: all kinds of group shots in the sun.

Check out our new metal frames.

Red metal adds energy, confidence, and excitement to an image. We suggest pictures with movement or emotional situations at their heart. Also, if you have a penchant for red sports cars, this is for you.

Check out our new metal frames.
We can't wait to see what you frame with our new aluminum frame collection!

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