The Best Frames for Weddings

Our Favorite Choices to Frame Your Wedding Photos

Don't let those wedding photos stay on your photo forever.

Still convinced your invitation to the Royal Wedding got lost in the mail? Good thing the invite for your best friend’s didn’t! Whether you’re just attending one wedding or one a weekend this summer, we have the best frames for weddings picked out for you. All you have to do is add your favorite photo and wait for the frame to show up on your doorstep.


Brisk Frame

This is our go-to family of frames for summer weddings. Their off-white hue gracefully stands out against the background, and a photo of you in your finest makes the frame even more sophisticated.


fresco frame

Open up the champagne, pop! Our champagne-colored Fresco frame goes perfectly with all the champagne toasts of the evening! Let the three cheers for the newlyweds last forever by ordering them a Keepsake Frame in Fresco. Imagine their pleasant surprise if they returned home from their honeymoon with a Keepsake Frame on their doorstep!


verona frame

Verona’s intricate detailing matches the nuances of a loving relationship and everything it takes to make love work. Verona is desk-sized so you can smile at your new partner all day, even when apart. We also love Verona for photos of all loved ones, young and old.


lyric frame

Lyric is favorite wedding frame option among Keepsake Frames fans, and we trust our fans to know what’s best! Lyric comes in both gold and silver, which allows you to choose which colors from the wedding bouquet, background, or attire you want the frame to highlight. It’s a classy option for a classy day. You can’t go wrong with Lyric.

Stockholm in White

stockholm frame

White dress, white mat, white frame: what color says wedding more than white? We think Stockholm is a great option for wedding photos of all colors. The classic design of the hand constructed frame highlights the photo so that’s what catches your eye (and allows you to relive the special day). Another favorite among Keepsake Frames fans, Stockholm is a dapper choice for any wedding photo from your collection.

Keepsake frames are the best way to frame your wedding photos. You don't have to be a professional to see your photos on your wall! They also make a great gift for the love birds in your life.

Just upload your digital photos OR use our app and choose a photo from your phone. Create a beautiful framed print in under a minute! Starting at just $25.

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