Behind the Frames

Our Story

Keepsake Frames was created in 2015 by good friends Adam Weiss and Dave Landau, with a simple idea: make it easy to frame the photos on your phone.

Adam had the idea while visiting friends with his wife in California: “We all went hiking in the mountains together, and I took a great shot of our two friends holding hands. I thought, ‘A framed photo of this would make the perfect thank-you gift!’

So, I looked for an app that could frame that photo and have it delivered, but the apps I found were all expensive, difficult to use, and didn’t have a wide selection. In spite of all that, I still remember how great it felt to order such a personal gift. I knew my friends would open the box and get a smile on their face!"

Determined to design a better solution, Adam and Dave launched the Keepsake Frames app, with the idea that it should be easy, fun and creative to take any photo on your phone, choose a high quality frame, and have it delivered to your door or sent as a gift.

Co-Founders Adam Weiss and Dave Landau at our Framing Studio in West Virginia

High Quality

Keepsake Frames are individually handmade in the United States.
Prints are made using high-end industrial printers, to ensure premium quality at all print sizes.
All frames are made from high quality, hand-cut wood.

Refreshingly Fair prices

Framed prints start at just $25.
Most frames are under $40.
All orders include FREE shipping.

The Perfect Gift

For under $30 and in less than 5 minutes you can send a thoughtful, personal gift!
All orders have an optional free gift card.
Thanks for reading this far.
As a token of our gratitude here's a promo code for 10% off your first frame!
Just use the coupon ABOUT10 during checkout.